This summer, I did my first internship with Inventrom, an electronic technology start-up based in Goa with primary focus on Robotics and Wireless devices.

Had a  supercallifragilisticexpialidocius summer working there!

A million thanks to team Inventrom for making my summer holiday a memorable one.

Raunak at Inventrom

Some memorable moments which I will never forget were, making the marvelous mistake of going to work on innumerable Saturdays when Inventrom is a 5 day week workplace, (That’s how much I enjoyed working there! A pity they weren’t open on Sundays!) and playing darts next to a picture of Dart Vader. (A dramatic little spark would appear if the darts missed the board, bounced off the door and hit the floor!)

Work consisted of:

  • Building robots, then programming them; Then building more robots and programming them too!
  • Writing codes for various GUI based software’s.
  • Taking the printer to the service center to fix an error.
  • Bringing the printer back to the office after fixing the error!
  • Getting some certificates printed.
  • Going as part of the team for demonstrations of Inventrom’s various robots.
  • Listening to the geniuses talk about robots.

However, the really hard work was hogging on scrumptious food with the team, like:

Red Velvet cup cakes at Cafe Bodega.

Tea and samosas at Anita Tea House.

Omelet Burger & Chocolate milkshake at Cafe Basil.

Chicken, chicken n more chicken at KFC.

And last but not the least, we played cricket in the evenings! TI (Team Inventrom) vs. EEL (Everyone Else in the Locality)

Once again, thank you Inventrom. I enjoyed being a member of your team and look forward to working with you all again, not in the future, but reeeeeally soon.

Raunak at Inventrom2
Team Inventrom (L to R) : Akshay Murali, Jayesh Pandey, Dattaprasad Naik, Raunak Hede, Castor Winchester, Varun Verlekar, Pranav Pai Vernekar.


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