Technival 2014 – National Institute of Technology, Goa

Recently, NIT Goa had their techfest, Technival 2014. I participated in two events held there.

The first was Laburinthos (Line following) held on 8th November


And the second was RUSH, a race for All Terrain Vehicles.


LFR v1.0 came 4th for Laburinthos and ATV Bot bagged the 2nd place in RUSH.

Laburinthos was a simple line following competition where speed was of essence. The track was quite large and mostly consisted of straight lines and sudden sharp curves. The biggest challenge was speed and lighting.

LFR v1.0

Towards the end of the track a false trigger caused LFR v1.0 to turn back and hence it took longer to finish the track.

Here’s a video of LFR v1.0 at the line following event:


RUSH was a race for which teams had to build an All Terrain Robot which could race on rollers, steep slopes, rubble and sand. There were also potential hazards like rock pendulums. The robot also had to maneuver through narrow spaces between vertical poles, which if touched, would result in a time penalty of 5 seconds. The same penalty was given for touching the walls and the rock pendulums.


Here’s a video of ATV Bot at the event:

Some Photographs of the event.

Photo & Video Credits:  Annette Paul, Sanmitra Naik, Roheet Hede

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