TechnoBoard Lite

This week, I had the honor of writing a review on Inventrom’s latest development boards:

Techno Board Lite

Techno Board Lite is a sleeker and much more user friendly version of the Techno Board v2


Techno board Lite is half the size of its predecessor, the Techno Board v2, but has all the prime features of it. Devices like the LCD port, buzzer, one interrupt port and one motor driver IC have been omitted in order to reduce weight and size.


The new Techno Board is compatible with programmable IC’s like ATMEGA 8 L, ATMEGA 168 P, ATMEGA 328 P and ATMEGA 88 PA. As Alan Kay put it in one of his quotes, “People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware.” Techno IDE is a programming software which has been specially designed by Inventrom for the Techno Board Lite. This software can be used to program other development boards as well, but its settings have been configured, by default, for the Techno Board Lite.


Techno Board Lite has a built-in programmer, so you only require a USB to micro USB cable. Plans for a wireless Bluetooth programmer (Zazu version 2) are underway. This programmer will be plugged into a port on the Techno Board Lite. You will then be able to program your robot wirelessly from your laptop if it is within a range of 20 meters.


One of the biggest problems faced by many roboticists is the cost of the development board. The new Techno Board costs just 1,650 rupees. That’s half the price of the earlier version!

The Techno Board Lite has been used in one of Inventrom’s latest projects, the TechnoBot Lite:

TechnoBot Lite
TechnoBot Lite

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